NAWCC Chapter 50 Puget Sound
NAWCC Chapter 50 Projects
These projects are ones Chapter 50 members have been involved in or might consider becoming involved in. This involvement could take the form of individual effort or monetary support from the chapter. They are offered as food for thought and consideration by the membership.

tower clock is a Howard No. 2
The old Mission Building Snohomish County Court House Everett. Left to right; Paul Bellamy Seattle, tower clock explorer,; keeper of the clock Steve Slawson, Snohomish County Facilities Maintenance Lead and Master Electrician; Leon Jaussaud, Manchester, tower clock explorer. The tower clock is a Howard No. 2 time and strike fitted with Dennison double three legged gravity escapement and 9 foot long, 1.5 second temperature compensated pendulum rod. This served as a master clock for the clock system in the court house. It was installed by Joseph Mayer in 1910.