NAWCC Chapter 50 Puget Sound
Public Clock Restoration Projects
The projects described below were supported by members of Chapter 50 and 135. In some cases the chapters provided monetary support
Colman Dock
In 1985 members of Chapter 50 headed by the late Amby Ambjor restored the Howard timepiece tower clock that once graced Seattle’s Colman Dock. The clock was installed originally in 1908 by Joseph Mayer, Seattle clockmaker. Mayer was an agent for the E. Howard Co. Boston clockmakers.

King Street Station
Chapter 50 members Paul Bellamy and Norm Nelson assisted in the restoration of the King Street Station clock in 2009. This was originally a Howard tower clock installed by the Great Northern Railroad in 1906.

Jorgen Nelson Street Clock Bremerton
Chapter 135 members Leon Jaussaud, Ernie Lopez, Terry Ayers and the late Ralph Peel restored the Joseph Mayer street clock installed by Jorgen Nelson Sr. in 1928. Paul Middents coordinated this project which was completed in 2002. Chap. 50 and 135 provided monetary support.

George Moeller Street clock Bremerton
In 2004 the same group restored the Joseph Mayer clock installed by George Moeller in 1928. Both clocks were given to the Kitsap Historical Society who supported their restoration and continue their care and maintenance. Leon Jaussaud recently completed the overhaul and servicing of both clocks.

Jorgen Nelson clock in Bremerton
Leon Jaussaud cleaning the dial glass on the George Moeller clock in Bremerton after completing a servicing which included a complete movement overhaul and lubrication of the motion work behind the dial.

Puget Sound Navy Shipyard Clocks
at Kitsap History Museum Bremerton
These clocks were discovered by Chapter 50 and 135 member Ernie Lopez in 2004, when his job took him through the periscope repair shop at the shipyard. Hanging on the wall of what had once been the chronometer repair shop was a Howard No. 74 Special Regulator. This served as a master clock for a clock system serving some part of the shipyard. Stacked in a nearby storeroom were a Seth Thomas No. 62 Office regulator and a Sessions store regulator. Leon Jaussaud restored the movements on these clocks and Ernie restored the cases. The Navy placed them on long term loan to the Kitsap Historical Society where they are now on display. The Howard clock has a large brass plate reading “Electromagnetic Time System Joseph Mayer and Brothers Seattle, Wash.” This clock was installed by Mayer sometime between 1912-1915. Arlene Stephenson, longtime member of Chapter 50, donated two Joseph Mayer slave clocks. One originally hung in the Frederick and Nelson employee lunchroom. Leon Jaussaud restored these clocks and they are now controlled by the Howard-Mayer master clock.

Changing Times Exhibit at Kitsap History Museum 2006
The shipyard clocks described above inspired Ernie Lopez to design and install a spectacular clock exhibit at the museum which ran for over six months. The exhibit was sponsored by Chapter 180 and included many clocks from the West Coast Clock and Watch Museum in Bellingham. Members of Chapter 50 and 135 assisted in the installation and design of the exhibit.
Changing Times Exhibit 2006 at the Kitsap History Museum Bremerton

A glimpse of the Changing Times Exhibit 2006 at the Kitsap History Museum Bremerton showing the Special Howard No. 73 regulator supplied to Puget Sound Naval Shipyard by Joseph Mayer where it served as a master clock in the chronometer repair shop. The exhibit closed in 2006 but the shipyard clocks remain on display.