NAWCC Chapter 50 Puget Sound

November 2022 Chapter 50 Meeting


Sunday, November 13, 2022


 Cedar Valley Grange Hall
20526 52nd Ave W Lynwood, WA


 11:30 AM - Mart setup
Noon - Mart and Socializing
12:30 PM - Business Meeting & Program


 “Public Timekeeping”
Andy Dervan, our NAWCC colleague from Michigan, will present a historical overview of public timekeeping. Starting with the public sundials and clepsydras of antiquity, through 14th-century weight-driven turret clocks and later astronomical, clock jacks, and orreries, to the present. By 1860 the demand for public timekeeping grew as people moved from farms to cities and tower clocks were made in large numbers. Other forms of public timekeeping eventually evolved: street clocks, building clocks, and gallery clocks. Today, small electric street clocks are popular.

Show & Tell is always encouraged!
Snacks will be provided.


“Holiday Party 2022”

Sunday, December 4th
Mart: 9:00 am – Brunch: 10:45 am – Adjourn 1:30 pm

La Quinta Inn, 1425 East 27th Street, Tacoma, WA


“An Insider’s Perspective: The Current and Future of the Watch Industry”
Angela Hope, Marketing VP at Ben Bridge Jewelers

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NAWCC chapter 50 meetings have now been combined with chapter 135

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